~Pricing Information~

How are the Prices?

Because of the easy automated process we have been able to reduce the cost significantly.  This process makes our job easier, faster and more efficient which, means there is less cost involved in producing these stunning floral designs. Although you will not have one on one consultations with the designer, you can be at ease knowing your beautiful flowers will still be created by an Expressions of Love Florist designer which means you are getting the best quality and attention to your details. 

Flower packages start at $1200 and go up to in excess of $2500 with al la cart items available to add to any package.  No package here will be modified in order to take away any one item in order to add an additional item.  The client should choose the package that best suits their needs and then can add onto it if necessary.  

Best thing about ordering now?  You are locked into today's flowers prices.  If the market goes up.. yours stay here as quoted! Win Win